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Dexter Car Title Loans

We Have Made Getting a Auto Title Loan Easier Than Ever

We have made the searching process so much simpler than ever before. To find the perfect auto title loan for you all you need to do is visit our website and fill our our easy web form and get pre-approved instantly. You will then be contacted by one of our loan specialists. They will ask you a few simple queries just to make sure we have all your appropriate info. After they get all of the info they need you will be connected to the lender nearest you, and you can get your money today! And not only that but we can help getting you the best deal in Oregon!

Take Forty Two Months to Pay Off Your Car Title Loan

If you check with typical loan companies you will see that you can only keep your loan for 180 days. It's true. At Dexter Car Title Loans we realize that when you need a fast money advance you need to keep it for longer than 180 days. This is why you are able to hold your short term loan for as much as 42 months. This translates to more modest payments made over a longer period of time, making it easier for you to pay off your loan on a schedule that is better suited for your budget.

There Are A Lot Easy Methods to Get In Touch With Us

The first and most well-liked option would be to simply fill our web form and get your quote and pre-approval instantly. This takes effortless to a whole new level. However if you would rather speak to a real individual you can just give us a call, and we'll answer promptly. If you feel more comfortable talking to a live person, just call our phone number and someone will take your call right away. We only provide the best in customer service. Finally, in person you can come out to one of our lender locations or schedule a visit in your home. There are so many simple methods to get started!

You Will Never Have To Pay Pre-Payment Fees

At typical loan branches you will be penalized if you want to pay-off your cash advance loan early. They don't want to lose the interest you would have been paying on that extra cash. We do not believe this is the right way to run a business at Dexter Car Title Loans! At Dexter Car Title Loans we think that isn't the way to run a business. We actually aim to help you which is why we only deal with loan offices who do not have any pre-payment surcharges. Since interest is only taken on your existing balance and not the principal, if you come-into a little additional money one month you can lower your next interest payments by paying off a little extra. We don't wish to punish you for taking care of your installment loan responsibilities, we are simply satisfied to see that your financial life are improving that much more for you and your family.

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